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[NEWS] Big Public Beta Test!

Greetings! Do you want to help test out the new exciting content for Last Chaos? We sent a special blue egg to every character level 100 or higher today! This blue egg is your ticket in! There are a few things you need to know beforehand though. First, this is all high level content. Because

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PATCHLOG | Thursday March 6th 2014

Patch Notes: Hi all! Today we have some new sales in the Item Mall! Extended: Sale! Limited: Finest rune incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Random Booster incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Extreme Stone incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Platinum Iris incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Golden rune of protection incl. Chaos

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PATCHLOG | Tuesday Feb 25th 2014

Rummage Sale Event Ending Hi everyone! The Rummage Sale Event has ended as of Tuesday, February 25th. Patch Notes: Bug Fixes We have fixed it so that Rogue/EX-Rouges using the skill Death Motion will be correctly shown as dead, lying on the ground. We have fixed it so that opponents dying by stepping over the

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About the game


Last Chaos takes place on the imaginary continent of Iris, where a bitter war is being waged. Players will embark on action-packed adventures and become powerful inhabitants of this incredible world. Aspiring heroes will be able to choose from a total of nine different character classes:
  • Ride into battle as a Titan specializing in close combat, a noble Knight, or a cunning Rogue.
  • Vanquish your enemies as a powerful Mage, an elven Healer, or a dark Sorcerer.
  • Choose one of two unique classes — Nightshadow or EX-Rogue.


  • A vast community with millions of players
  • Detailed western-style 3D graphics
  • Individual character development with 9 different character classes
  • Private instance system
  • PvE and PvP gameplay
  • Comprehensive guild support
  • Unique item production and trading system
  • Pet system
  • Immersive fantasy world
  • Free to play!