Each character’s attributes are determined via four stat values. With each new level, a character receives one stat point, which can be used to enhance one of the four stat values. Increasing these stat values will have an impact on a character’s attributes.


  • Strength — increasing this stat value also increases the basic physical damage that a character is able to inflict.
  • Dexterity — increasing this stat value gives your character a higher hit accuracy.
  • Intelligence — increasing this stat value also increases the basic magical damage that a character is able to inflict.
  • Constitution — increasing this stat value increases a character’s maximum health and mana


  • Attack
  • Magic attack
  • Defense
  • Magic resistance
  • HP
  • MP

Depending on the character, the assignment of stat points will have different effects. For example, adding a point to strength will have a different effect for a Titan than for a Rogue.

HP and MP

HP indicates a character’s health and shows the amount of damage the character can take before he or she dies. The more HP a character has, the more resilient he or she will be. MP corresponds to the mana a character has, i.e. the amount of magical energy he or she possesses. It is consumed when a character uses skills.


The level shows how strong a particular character is. The higher the level, the stronger the character becomes. When characters level up, they receive permanent bonuses on attributes and a stat point (or 3 or 4 after a job change) which players will be able to assign to the four attributes at will. As characters attain higher levels, they will also be able to use new skills that were unavailable to them at the beginning.

In order to level up, a character must gain experience points, which are awarded for killing enemies or completing tasks. Once a character has gathered enough experience, his or her level will automatically increase and the character will be able to enjoy the advantages of having attained a higher level.



Characters can learn skills in order to improve their attributes or in order to use special battle techniques and spells on themselves, on friendly parties, or on enemies. Different skills are available to each of the classes.
To learn skills, the character must collect skill points, which he or she is awarded for killing enemies. Once he or she has collected enough skill points, a character can approach a master of his or her class to learn new skills or advanced levels of an existing skill. There are also skills that are open to all classes. They are called professions. They make it possible to craft new items or enhance existing ones.