Patch Notes | January 7th 2015

Fixes and Changes: We have fixed so that characters will not be blocked from the Mondshine bridge. We have fixed so that the client will not be disconnected when you try to store items from expired Iris Bag to the guild stash. We have fixed so that characters under level 16 cannot be attacked by

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Patch Notes | Wednesday, December 10th 2014

Fixes and Changes: String Changes Features: Server Notification Item Mall Changes: Sale! Platinum Pet Experience Pill – 3 for 2 Sale! Platinum Super Skill Pill – 3 for 2 Sale! Platinum Blessed Iris – 3 for 2 Chaos Deal! Heavenstone – 2 pack + Chaos Ball Chaos Deal! Lucky Stone – 2 pack + Chaos

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[NEWS] Big Public Beta Test!

Greetings! Do you want to help test out the new exciting content for Last Chaos? We sent a special blue egg to every character level 100 or higher today! This blue egg is your ticket in! There are a few things you need to know beforehand though. First, this is all high level content. Because

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PATCHLOG | Thursday March 6th 2014

Patch Notes: Hi all! Today we have some new sales in the Item Mall! Extended: Sale! Limited: Finest rune incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Random Booster incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Extreme Stone incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Platinum Iris incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Golden rune of protection incl. Chaos

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PATCHLOG | Tuesday Feb 25th 2014

Rummage Sale Event Ending Hi everyone! The Rummage Sale Event has ended as of Tuesday, February 25th. Patch Notes: Bug Fixes We have fixed it so that Rogue/EX-Rouges using the skill Death Motion will be correctly shown as dead, lying on the ground. We have fixed it so that opponents dying by stepping over the

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[EVENT] Double Iris Cash Sale!

Double Iris Cash Sale! For a short time only!! Purchase a $4.99 Iris Cash package and get DOUBLE the Iris Cash! Instead of 365 Iris Cash, you will receive a whopping 730!! Make sure to act right away to get this great deal! Also, we have updated the conversion rate on all Iris Cash packages, meaning you

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Patchlog | Wednesday Feb 19th 2014

Patch Notes | Wednesday Feb 19th 2014 Rummage Sale Event With this patch we’ve introduced some awesome, limited Rummage bundles to the Cash Shop. From now until Wednesday, Feb 25th, we will have surprise sales on these Rummage Table items where they will become incredibly cheap! The sale announcements will be made in-game only, so

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[EVENT] Cool Down Recycling Program

Last Chaos is going green! Well, sort of.. digitally.. for a short time.. But it IS a great opportunity to practice your planet saving recycling skills and unlock some awesome items in the process! The Game Masters will be acting as volunteer recycling centers where you can drop off old accessories and exchange them for

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[EVENT] Bonus Valentine Presents – XP/SP Weekend + Flash Upgrade Event!

Underwhelmed with your Valentine’s gifts so far? Were the roses dry and the chocolates stale? Well, take heart.. we have more in store for you! Valentine’s Day – Flash Upgrade Event! At some time this evening we are having a surprise 150% upgrade event! GMs will be announcing it in-game once it begins! This event

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[EVENT] Weekend of Love – Valentine’s Day Rewards

Need a break from the romantic smotherings of all your lovers on Valentine’s Day? Last Chaos is here to serve! Check out these great events, and stay tuned for even more! Valentine’s Day Jewel Bonus Event – 1 Day Only! All Valentine’s Day all Jewel related activities will have twice as much chance of success.

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