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[EVENT] Double Iris Cash Sale!

Double Iris Cash Sale! For a short time only!! Purchase a $4.99 Iris Cash package and get DOUBLE the Iris Cash! Instead of 365 Iris Cash, you will receive a whopping 730!! Make sure to act right away to get this great deal! Also, we have updated the conversion rate on all Iris Cash packages, meaning you

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[EVENT] Cool Down Recycling Program

Last Chaos is going green! Well, sort of.. digitally.. for a short time.. But it IS a great opportunity to practice your planet saving recycling skills and unlock some awesome items in the process! The Game Masters will be acting as volunteer recycling centers where you can drop off old accessories and exchange them for

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[EVENT] Bonus Valentine Presents – XP/SP Weekend + Flash Upgrade Event!

Underwhelmed with your Valentine’s gifts so far? Were the roses dry and the chocolates stale? Well, take heart.. we have more in store for you! Valentine’s Day – Flash Upgrade Event! At some time this evening we are having a surprise 150% upgrade event! GMs will be announcing it in-game once it begins! This event

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[EVENT] Weekend of Love – Valentine’s Day Rewards

Need a break from the romantic smotherings of all your lovers on Valentine’s Day? Last Chaos is here to serve! Check out these great events, and stay tuned for even more! Valentine’s Day Jewel Bonus Event – 1 Day Only! All Valentine’s Day all Jewel related activities will have twice as much chance of success.

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[EVENT] Valentine’s Chocolate Event!

Love can be complicated. Chocolate, however, is simple. And delicious. And doesn’t lead to crying in the shower while wondering if you’re now too old for anyone to ever love you again. In honor of chocolate, the Valentine’s Day event returns to Last Chaos! As of Monday, Feb. 10th at 5PM EST, mobs will begin

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[SALE] Korean New Year – Cash Bonus!

“Seollal”, the Korean New Year, is here! BarunsOn, our dedicated game developers, are celebrating this holiday and so are we! Please enjoy this 20% cash bonus on Friday, January 31st 2014. 20% Bonus Cash given with purchase of any Cash Package (mobile payments excluded) Promotion Starts: 01/31/2014 at 10:00 AM EST Promotion Ends: 01/31/2014 at

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[SHOP EVENT] Happy Birthday to German, French & Spanish LC!

Happy Birthday to the German, French, and Spanish Last Chaos servers! The German server has turned 6 years old, while the others are 5! To celebrate their great milestone, we are having the following promotion in the Item Mall: Start: Wednesday, Jan 22nd at 11:00 AM EST End: Sunday, Jan 26th at 11:59 PM EST For every

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[EVENT] Martin Luther King, Jr. Day | Non-violence Event!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are running a fun non-violence event in-game! We hope everyone can take the lessons and ideas of equality, cooperation and non-violence into all aspects of their lives. Here is a great opportunity to do so and win a fun prize in the meantime! Rules: Event runs

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[EVENT] Winter Holiday Event

Hello everyone! We will be continuing the tradition of having Christmas / Holiday events in-game each year. As most of you have already seen, these events are already live and running in-game. For those of you who don’t know about it yet, here is a quick breakdown of what is available! Christmas Tree You will

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Forum Veteran Program

You’ve been fighting for a long time, supporting Last Chaos through days of merriment and famine, but no one would know of your epic struggles from your puny forum tag. We can’t stand for such injustice!!    For all users transitioning to Last Chaos’ new home, we are offering a special CHAOS VETERAN badge. This badge can only

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