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Patch Notes | January 7th 2015

Fixes and Changes: We have fixed so that characters will not be blocked from the Mondshine bridge. We have fixed so that the client will not be disconnected when you try to store items from expired Iris Bag to the guild stash. We have fixed so that characters under level 16 cannot be attacked by

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Patch Notes | Wednesday, December 10th 2014

Fixes and Changes: String Changes Features: Server Notification Item Mall Changes: Sale! Platinum Pet Experience Pill – 3 for 2 Sale! Platinum Super Skill Pill – 3 for 2 Sale! Platinum Blessed Iris – 3 for 2 Chaos Deal! Heavenstone – 2 pack + Chaos Ball Chaos Deal! Lucky Stone – 2 pack + Chaos

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PATCHLOG | Thursday March 6th 2014

Patch Notes: Hi all! Today we have some new sales in the Item Mall! Extended: Sale! Limited: Finest rune incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Random Booster incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Extreme Stone incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Platinum Iris incl. Chaos Jewel Pocket with Elements Golden rune of protection incl. Chaos

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PATCHLOG | Tuesday Feb 25th 2014

Rummage Sale Event Ending Hi everyone! The Rummage Sale Event has ended as of Tuesday, February 25th. Patch Notes: Bug Fixes We have fixed it so that Rogue/EX-Rouges using the skill Death Motion will be correctly shown as dead, lying on the ground. We have fixed it so that opponents dying by stepping over the

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[EVENT] Double Iris Cash Sale!

Double Iris Cash Sale! For a short time only!! Purchase a $4.99 Iris Cash package and get DOUBLE the Iris Cash! Instead of 365 Iris Cash, you will receive a whopping 730!! Make sure to act right away to get this great deal! Also, we have updated the conversion rate on all Iris Cash packages, meaning you

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Patchlog | Wednesday Feb 19th 2014

Patch Notes | Wednesday Feb 19th 2014 Rummage Sale Event With this patch we’ve introduced some awesome, limited Rummage bundles to the Cash Shop. From now until Wednesday, Feb 25th, we will have surprise sales on these Rummage Table items where they will become incredibly cheap! The sale announcements will be made in-game only, so

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PATCHLOG | Wednesday Feb 12th 2014

Hello everyone, Today’s patch brings some major changes which benefit Last Chaos on many levels. From a beautiful new login screen and character selection, to skill updates that allow for more dynamic gameplay, to a ton of bug fixes, this patch is quite grand in scope! Many features have been tested and refined after months

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[SALE] Korean New Year – Cash Bonus!

“Seollal”, the Korean New Year, is here! BarunsOn, our dedicated game developers, are celebrating this holiday and so are we! Please enjoy this 20% cash bonus on Friday, January 31st 2014. 20% Bonus Cash given with purchase of any Cash Package (mobile payments excluded) Promotion Starts: 01/31/2014 at 10:00 AM EST Promotion Ends: 01/31/2014 at

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Below is the list of fixes from today’s patch: We have fixed a few client crash errors. The game client will be terminated if the skill animation files are missing. We have modified some client strings.

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PATCHLOG | Wednesday Jan 22nd 2014

Below is the list of fixes from today’s patch: All the costumes and melded items can be worked from both normal and cash inventory in order to resolve and prevent any other relative issues regarding the costumes and melded items. We have fixed so that the leader of the party of 8 users can now

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