There are nine character classes to choose from in Last Chaos. Each class is characterized by specific strengths and weaknesses, their own pieces of equipment, as well as unique skills used to battle opponents.




Titans are mortals brought into being by Eres, the God of Darkness to serve as soldiers in his war against the God of Light, Apollon. Their size, strength and stamina, combined with an innate talent for combat, make them the best warriors in Last Chaos.

lc-knight class


The story of the Knights of Apollon goes back to the war between the gods Eres and Apollon. Apollon’s elite soldiers live strictly according to the virtues of honor and humility. They were instructed in the teachings of Apollon and in the art of war. They employ their skills and strength to protect the weak and the innocent from the evils of this time. Some would say that they are on par with the Titans. However, Titans rely primarily on their strength, while Knights utilize skills and strategies to defeat their enemies. Knights possess numerous defensive and supporting skills that enable them to assist and protect their comrades.




Magi are masters in the art of manipulating mana — the lifeforce that constantly flows through the world of Last Chaos. They use mana to bring about effects that many people would call magic.
Magi are able to cause great destruction. This enables them to dispatch single opponents or even entire groups of enemies in no time at all. However, in order to unleash such raw potential, they have to be able to cope with the high mental requirements. The downside of this is that they are physically weak and only possess a limited number of defensive abilities.



Born with the blessing of the wind (Shihuru), they are endowed with amazing sight and surprising swiftness that exceed the abilities of normal human beings. However, because they are not very strong, they are at a disadvantage against e.g. Titans or Knights. Rogues’ preferred weapons of choice are crossbows and daggers. They are experts in assassination, enabling them to provide support to front-line fighters.




These High Elves are similar to the human Magi in many ways, as they too manipulate mana. However, their strength comes from the powers of the gods, and unlike those of the Magi, are used for healing or protection. Because they are the only healers in the world of Last Chaos and often have difficulty facing powerful monsters without help, Healers are often seen traveling in groups.



There are also those who have dedicated their lives to the study of nothingness and the attempt to unravel the mysteries of creation: They who have understood that the powers of creation themselves also manipulate the void. They who have discovered how the gods used nothingness to give shape to everything that exists. A few of them who have knowledge of how to tap into this power are among you.
We know them as Sorcerers.
Even though they lack the strength and willpower to completely dominate all of creation, they have found a way to compel strange creatures and monsters out of the void onto our plane of existence. Many have learned the hard way: Sorcerers are never alone!




Very little is known about the Nightshadows. There are many myths and stories, but it is well-known that they are warriors. They obtain their rank and position through their strength and power, and lose their rank in clans only when a stronger opponent defeats them.
Nightshadows utilize dark mana attacks, which they are able to augment with their ability to extract souls and use them against their opponents.




The EX-Rogues were trained by the Rogues, and with experience are able to become insidious Night Runners or Night Hunters.
As Night Runners, they use daggers with which they are able to carry out lightning-fast attacks. Night Hunters, on the other hand, specialize in ranged attacks, fending off their enemies with crossbows.
One particular feature of EX-Rogues is that they are able to learn unique personal skills that greatly benefit other classes.




Archmagi are legendary, oft-feared elemental witches who derive their powers from the forces of nature. So far, they are the only class that is able to use the elemental system.

The Archmage can choose to specialize as a High Sorceress or as a Primordial Witch. Depending on which path she chooses, she will do battle with either a staff or a wand and ward off enemies with either ranged magic attacks or curses.
The Archmage uses the armor and weapons of the Magi.