Non-player characters, better known as NPCs, help players develop their characters in the game. To do this, they tell the background story of the game, assign missions, provide experience or loot and offer useful services such as the crafting or sale of items. The following is a list of the different NPC types:



Pets are NPCs that players have a certain amount of control over. Currently, there are two types of pets in Last Chaos: companions and attack pets.
Companions (the reliable horse and the majestic dragon) can be trained and subsequently used as mounts. A mount gives its owner a certain amount of prestige, and also comes in extremely handy in battle.
Attack pets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Almost all of them are also able to go through 3 evolutionary stages if trained properly. What is special about these pets is that they actively help the player in battles, and are also able to protect their owners with unique abilities.


Skill Masters are NPCs that enable players to learn new skills or improve existing ones. Class Masters can improve the skills of a particular character class, while the knowledge professional trainers possess is available to all players.


Merchants are NPCs that characters can approach when they wish to purchase or sell items. Merchants should not be confused with traders. Traders are players who have set up a market stall in cities and who sell their items there.


Monsters are the main source of loot, experience and skill points in Last Chaos. There are many different types of monsters in Iris. Some are weak and suitable for characters with little experience. Others, on the other hand, are so powerful that they are considered to be Ubermonsters, and only a group of characters at extremely high levels have any chance of defeating them.