[EVENT] Winter Holiday Event

2013-12-20 13:14:02

Hello everyone! We will be continuing the tradition of having Christmas / Holiday events in-game each year. As most of you have already seen, these events are already live and running in-game. For those of you who don’t know about it yet, here is a quick breakdown of what is available!

Christmas Tree
You will notice special Christmas trees in town during this event! In Juno there is a tree which you can interact with. See the images below to find where it is!


During this time, monsters will begin dropping Ornaments, which you can then bring to and put on the tree! There are 6 types of ornaments: Christmas Socks, Candy Cane, Jingle Bell, Christmas Ribbon, Christmas Ball, Christmas Star.

Once you have over 1,000 decorations on the tree, the tree will begin dropping presents! There are a few types of gifts:

  • Small Red Candy Cane: Recover HP by 240 over 15 seconds.
  • Medium Red Candy Cane: Recover HP by 500 over 15 seconds.
  • Big Red Candy Cane: Recover HP by 750 over 15 seconds.
  • Small Blue Candy Cane: Recover MP by 120 over 15 seconds.
  • Medium Blue Candy Cane: Recover MP by 240 over 15 seconds.
  • Big Blue Candy Cane: Recover MP by 360 over 15 seconds.
  • Party-Colored Candy Cane: Recover HP and MP by 600 over 15 seconds.

As you get even more decorations on the tree, you can begin receiving the Christmas Blessing buff once an hour from it! This gives you a 4x drop rate bonus! The more decorations you get, the longer the buff lasts.

Christmas Gift Box
Every hour that you are logged in and not in a town, a Christmas Gift Box will appear! It is a large box that you must defeat in order to win great prizes. Here are some items you can win from the gift box:

  • Rudolph Pet Change Book
  • Shiny Red Knight Santa Hat
  • Shiny Red Healer Santa Hat
  • Shiny Red Mage Santa Hat
  • Shiny Red Rogue Santa Hat
  • Shiny Red Sorcerer Santa Hat
  • Shiny Red Night Shadow Santa Hat
  • Christmas Warehouse Ticket (1 Day)
  • Christmas Grocer Ticket (1 Day)
  • Grinch Summon Scroll

The “Grinch” who stole Christmas
If you’re lucky enough to get a Grinch Summon Scroll from the Christmas Gift Box, make sure to take this and use it outside of town. A gift stealing grinch will be summoned, and once you defeat him, you can find all types of prizes that he stole from children the world over, including:

  • EXP Booster
  • SP Booster
  • Item Drop Booster
  • Middle Grade Re-former
  • Advanced Grade Re-former
  • Lvl 1 Jewel Box
  • Lvl 2 Jewel Box
  • Lvl 3 Jewel Box

Christmas Puzzle Event
Monsters will also be dropping Christmas Puzzle Pieces. There are 9 total pieces of the puzzle, and once collected, you can visit NPC Sharoyan to start a quest of piecing the puzzle together! Depending on how you do, you will win all different types of prizes. 

Thanks for playing and we all hope you have a wonderful holiday! 
~your Last Chaos team