The ArchMage

The ArchMage has devoted herself to the elements and knows how to use them like no other to her advantage.
At Level 31, the ArchMage can choose between the two specializations ArchWitch and ArchWizard.

The status points of the archmage have the following effect:

  • Strength (STR): Increases the maximum health

  • Dexterity (DEX): Increases the chance of critical and deadly hits

  • Intelligence (INT): Increases the magical attack and maximum mana

  • Constitution (CON): Increases maximum health and maximum mana

The ArchMage learns his abilities at his master. The master of the ArchMage is in the city of Randol (Juno) in the Master Quarters.

Masters of the ArchMage or Masters of all classes can also be found in other cities.


When the ArchMage reaches Level 31, she can choose one of two specializations from her Master. She has the choice between the ArchWitch and the element-dominant ArchWizard. If later on it appears that the chosen specialization was not the right one, it can be changed at any time.

To select one of the two specializations, the following prerequisites must be met:

The level 30 skill "Golden Nova Break" must be level 5.

50.000 Gold must be inventory


The ArchWitch lets the forces of nature rain down on their enemies to weaken them and make them non-combative. She is skilled at dealing with the dark arts and knows how to defend herself best and to compensate for the disadvantages of her light armor.

Weapon Type: Wand/Short Staff

Status Points bonus: Intelligence


  • Damage over Time skills (DoT)
  • Can withdraw the life force from the opponent
  • Has many debuffs


  • Low defenses
  • Slow running speed
  • Low attack damage

ArchWitch Skills

ArchWitch Skill: Stone


The enemy is petrified and can no longer move or attack. He also loses all his buffs.

ArchWitch Skill: Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud

Enemies can no longer use skills when Storm Cloud is used.

ArchWitch Skill: Drain Life

Drain Life

The opponent is deprived of life force and get another hex added. The target subsequently falls into a deep sleep.


The ArchWizard can call down ice and fire storms on a variety of enemies and force them to their knees with her strong attacks. She is a master in dealing with the staff and especially in fighting multiple opponents effectively.

Weapon Type: Staff

Status Points bonus: Intelligence


  • High damage output
  • Lots of spells
  • Can attack several enemies simultaneously (AoE)


  • Low hit probability
  • No healing skills
  • Low defenses

ArchWizard Skills

ArchWizard Skill: Blizzard


The Blizzard causes damage to nearby enemies and freezes them. Enemies can neither move nor attack.

ArchWizard Skill: Meteorite Fall

Meteorite Fall

The ArchWizard drops a huge meteorite down on surrounding enemies and burns them.

ArchWizard Skill: Rage of Mother Earth

Rage of Mother Earth

Enemies in the field of action are slowed and sustain damage.

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