Character Class

In Last Chaos, you can choose between nine different character classes, all of which have very different abilities. Each class, with exception of the Nightshadow, can also learn one of two specializations at level 31. Specializations are enormously important since these are the only skills that are important for the character classes. Each class and its specializations have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, one class can heal and support itself and its companions, but it does little damage, while the others are very damaging with their attacks, but can not heal. In total, you can create up to 8 different characters on one server - so you can try many different classes.

Find which class is the right one for you!


Tank, Support, Area of Effect (AoE)

The Titan is a strong melee class, which can take on several opponents at the same time and can do a lot of damage. He also has a lot of health points.

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Tank, Support, Damage Dealer (DD)

The Knight has a very high defense as a Templar and knows how to protect his allies. He can be very good when he is a Royal Knight as well however.

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Support, Healing, Damage Dealer (DD), Damage over Time (DoTs), Ranged

As a cleric, the healer knows how to keep her group alive. However when she slips into the role of the Damage Dealer as an Archer, she keeps her opponents in check with her bow.

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Area of Effect (AoE), Damage Dealer (DD), Damage over Time (DoTs)

The Mage is perfect in dealing with the magic and the elements. She knows how to unleash powerful fireballs or force her opponent into the knees with terrible curses.

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Damage Dealer (DD), Ranged

The Rogue attacks quickly and with great damage from invisibility to neutralize her opponents.. Rogues have speed and high precision.

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Support, Tank, Area of Effect (AoE)

The Sorcerer can summon powerful Elementals or transform oneself. It therefore has a variety of different attacks, which can be used depending on the situation.

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Damage Dealer (DD), Support, Ranged

The Ex-Rogue uses dark powers and attacks its opponents out of the shadows. She also has healing skills and can attack from a distance.

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Support, Area of Effect (AoE), Damage over Time (DoT)

The Archmage can become one with the elements and knows how to use them like no other against their opponents. She can easily keep many enemies in check and make them motionless.

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Damage Dealer (DD), Area of Effect (AoE)

The NightShadow sucks the soul out of his enemies and uses their stolen power for damaging shadow attacks.

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Character creation

How do I create a character?

There are some things to consider when it comes to character creation. Find out here how to select the right server and character.

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