The Healer

The healer is very light-footed and in light armor, which makes her very easy to attack. To compensate for this disadvantage she has numerous healing and protective abilities, which she can also apply to her allies.
At Level 31, the healer can choose between the two specializations Archer and Cleric.

The status points of the healer have the following effect:

  • Strength (STR): Increases physical attack

  • Dexterity (DEX): Increases the chance of deadly and critical hits

  • Intelligence (INT): Increases the magical attack

  • Constitution (CON): Increases maximum health and maximum mana

The healer learns her abilities at her master. The master of the Healers is in the city of Randol (Juno) in the Master Quarters..

Masters of the Healers or Masters of all classes can also be found in other cities..


When the Healer reaches Level 31, she can choose one of two specializations with her Master. She has the choice between the nimble archer and the healing cleric. If later on it appears that the chosen specialization was not the right one, it can be changed at any time.

To select one of the two specializations, the following prerequisites must be met:

The level 30 skill "Double Stingshot" must be level 5.

50.000 Gold must be inventory


The Archer is a nimble elf who attacks her opponents from a distance. She has high attack and knows to put enemies out of action with her many skills.

Weapon type: Bow

Status Points bonus: Dexterity


  • High speed of movement
  • Great accuracy
  • Can weaken opponents (Debuff/DoT/Stun)
  • Area of Effect (AoE)
  • High chance of critical and deadly hits


  • Low physical defense
  • Low heal ability
  • High mana consumption

Archer Skills

Archer Skill: Arrow of Silence

Arrow of Silence

An attack with the bow, which silences the opponent so that he can not use skills.

Archer Skill: Paralyzing Arrows

Paralyzing Arrows

This attack can hit up to 5 enemies and paralyze them in place.

Archer Skill: Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

The archer quickly increases her attack speed to kill her opponents faster.


The cleric is a strong healer and magician. She can save her allies from damage, or renew their lives. She also has numerous buffs for additional protection.

Weapon Type: Wand

Status Points bonus: Intelligence


  • High magic defense
  • Strong healing and protection spells
  • Can increase EXP and SP
  • Can remove negative effects and debuffs


  • Low damage
  • Low physical defense
  • Low accuracy

Cleric Skills

Cleric Skill: Barrier


Reduces physical and magical damage taken significantly.

Cleric Skill: Holy Bless

Holy Bless

The holy blessing temporarily increases the EXP and SP of the group members.

Cleric Skill: Party Heal Master

Party Heal Master

The cleric can heal a large part of the health points of the whole group.

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