How to send a ticket

Requirements for all tickets:

Account username: (Required)

Email address: (Required for email change issues)

Server: (Required)

Date of issue: (Required)


All tickets should be sent from the email associated to the account you are sending the ticket about or customer support cannot assist you.


If you need to change your email address, please see this [FAQ: How to change your email.]

Billing related issues:

Transaction Number: (required)

Method of Payment: (Preferred)

Screen shot of any error: (Optional, but helpful) [FAQ: How to Screen Shot]

Any other pertinent information, such as email confirmation, withdrawal date and such.


Please make certain to choose the option "I have an issue with a payment or purchase."

Loss Claim tickets:

For Gear: Exact name of the item, seal color and type, number of sockets, jewels: levels and types, upgrade bonus

For Pet: Exact type of pet, name of pet if nametag used, pet level, pet evolution

Potions and other items: Exact name(s), amount missing, where they are missing from

For ALL: Last time you recall seeing the missing item (approximately), Screen shots of missing items if possible [FAQ: How to Screen Shot]


Exact name of item is required as it appears in the version you play.


Screen Shots (required): Chat is required to be fully extended and free of all blocks if reporting a chat violation. [FAQ: How to Screen Shot]

Server information and date/time must be fully visible in your screen shot.

Video evidence is required in instances for accusations where the offender must be seen in action to prove violation.


Please do not block out, circle, fade, blur, or perform any other alterations to your screen shots. This should assist Customer Support in knowing the issue without needing to ask too many questions for resolution.


It must be a full screen shot of your entire window, this will not be shared with anyone, but we do require this or we cannot assist you further.


If making accusations of harassment, users need to attempt all necessary means or resolution themselves. This means use of in game ignore feature and not instigating or exacerbating the issue.

Bug Report:

Reason for issue: (if known, i.e. only when blinded by a monster first, only when I used Dash, etc.)

Type of bug: (i.e. Pet issue, Character issue, potion issue, monster issue, etc.)

List of all buffs, pets equipped, gear equipped, potions loaded when the issue occurred

Last thing you did prior to the issue

Exact map and location of the occurrence

Screen shots or video of the incident [FAQ: How to Screen Shot]


The more information you can provide, the better chance of your issue being resolved swiftly.

Overall Notes:

Please remember Customer Support is not the cause of your issue, so being rude and cursing at them will not aid your problem in any way. The person who is handling your ticket in such cases of overt rudeness, obscenities, and threats can refuse to handle your ticket and add it back to the queue for someone else to handle which will result in longer response time for you.

Remember you are likely not the only person with an issue in, so patience on your part is required.

Tickets are handled in a first come, first served process.

While tickets are generally responded to within 24 hours, during times of larger problems, holidays and such it is possible it will take longer.

From time to time, other tickets might take precedence over your ticket.

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