Patch Notes

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  • Be sure to check our #StayHome website! Tell friends, neighbors, or family to use a voucher with a nice surprise and play Last Chaos with you!
  • Last Chaos World Cup Event is still going! Gather the soccer balls and exchange them for nifty prizes!
  • Are you ready for round 3 of the vote? Check out what events and sales you can vote for this week!
  • Take part in Challenge Events and win an awesome event for your version as well as some awesome prizes fro yourself!
  • Premium Item Merchants Pomeroy and Eldritch can still be found in Dratan Lost City. Make your way there and check them out today!
  • Check the schedule of Server Events so you don't miss any!
  • The Game Masters have posted their weekly event post. Be sure to take a gander at it.
  • Weekly sales are going on until Friday. Do you like sieges? Take a look!
  • Seriously?! Have you STILL not joined us in Discord or on Facebook? Don't miss out on the fun, join us today!
  • US team is recruiting! Would you like to become Game Master, Moderator, or Tester? Send your application now!
  • General server maintenance and backup has been performed on the servers.

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Soccer Vote Event Packs:
For the servers who voted for sales, these can be found according to the version listed above it!
Germany - Valtopia:
  • Soccer Vote:Adv.Grade Reform - 30% off and no limit!

Europe - Elysion:
  • Soccer Vote: SP Boosters - 30% off and no limit!

France - Pangea:
  • Soccer Vote: Bless of Guild - 30% off and no limit!

Italy - Lunasol:
  • Soccer Vote: EXP Boosters - 30% off and no limit!

Russia - Meridion:
  • Soccer Vote:Adv.Grade Reform - 30% off and no limit!

All servers
3 for 2:
  • Berserker Potion
  • Super Haste Potion
  • Platinum Adrenaline
  • MP steal potion (2 hours)
  • HP steal potion (2 hours)

  • Gift your character
  • Veteran's Composure
  • Box of the Liege
  • 90Lv Jumping Box instant
  • 120Lv Jumping Box special
  • Legendary Double
  • Wing of Honor Box
  • Wing of Judgement Box
  • Wing of Revenge Box
  • Wing of Greed Box

  • English Uniform Set (all classes)
  • Russian Uniform Set (all classes)
  • French Uniform Set (all classes)
  • Spanish Uniform Set (all classes)
  • German Uniform Set (all classes)
  • Polish Uniform Set (all classes)
  • Italian Uniform Set (all classes)
  • American Uniform Set (all classes)

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