Patch Notes

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  • Do you like knowing about and testing content before everyone else? Are the forums your forte? Maybe you prefer thinking up and running fresh new events for your fellow players? Check all information about our team recruitment [HERE] and join us today!
  • With the potions we offer you in the newest Weekly Sales you will be the strongest warrior in Iris! Check them out!
  • General server maintenance and backup were performed. Raids were reset.

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  • Every season is amazing when events are happening! This time you can enjoy some Autumn Events, so be sure to check on them and let your friends know!
  • Naima and Burcet left us - hopefully, not for a long time... However, now you can meet Eldritch and Pomeroy and use your Premium Merchant Item on their fancy offers!
  • Enough of the heat! You can no longer get Fire of Merac, and the Elements of Iris event is over... for now.
  • Who ordered the rain of boosters? Enjoy the Fall Event that will run throughout this week!
  • Join our Discord server to follow live announcements about news, changes, and wonderful events! Everyone who likes taking screenshots - come and get amazing rewards as the Photoshoot event is happening again!
  • Be sure to leave a thumbs up on our Facebook and share your best LC moments with us!

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All servers
3 for 2:
  • Berserker Potion
  • Super Haste Potion
  • Platinum Adrenaline
  • MP steal potion (2 hours)
  • HP steal potion (2 hours)
  • Affinity Booster
  • Magic Shield
  • Shield
  • EXP Pet Cool-Time Remover
  • [Event] Master Stone +1 (Max +30)
  • [Event] Armor Master Stone

Special Offers
Start: Tuesday - October 5, 2021 after maintenance
End: Thursday - October 7, 2021 at 23:59 local server time
Limit: None
  • Buy 1x [Event] Master Stone +1 (Max +30) and receive the same for free!
  • Buy 1x [Event] Armor Master Stone and receive the same for free!

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