Patch Notes

  • Do you like knowing about and testing content before everyone else? Are the forums your forte? Maybe you prefer thinking up and running fresh new events for your fellow players? Check all information about our team recruitment [HERE]nd join us today!
  • Get ready for some spooktastic Rummage sales! Find your favorite items and keep your eyes open for in-game announcements, so you're first when the price drops!
  • We come with wonderful Weekly Sales to prove magic exists! Check them out if you want to know more!
  • General server maintenance and backup were performed. Raids were reset.

  • There is nothing better than lots of fabulous events in your favorite game when you come back home after school or work. Enjoy Autumn Events we planned for this week!
  • Have you already heard we have visitors in Iris? Eldritch and Pomeroy came to the Lost City of Dratan to sell their goodies. Grab the Premium Merchant Item and go see them!
  • The rain is gone as the Fall Event is over! Did you manage to restock on boosters?
  • Iris is now filled with all sorts of creepy crawlies! Collect all you can during the Insect Collection Event for a bunch of neat stuff!
  • Join our Discord server to follow live announcements about news, changes, and wonderful events!
  • Be sure to leave a thumbs up on our Facebook and share your best LC moments with us!

All servers
3 for 2:
  • Platinum Blessed Iris
  • Platinum Super Skill Pill
  • EXP Spell Box
  • SP Spell Box
  • Box of the Liege
  • Chaos Ball
  • Lucky you!
  • Superdeal: Item Drop Booster
  • Megapack: Drop Booster
  • Epic HP pack
  • Awesome HP pack
  • Super HP pack
  • Elemental Attack Pack
  • Elemental Defense Pack
  • 200 Spooky Offers

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